Ex-Hawaii councilman sentenced to 20 years for meth trafficking

HONOLULU (AP) — A U.S. judge last week sentenced a former Hawaii elected official to 20 years in prison for running a drug trafficking ring.

Arthur Brun said last year that he sold methamphetamine to support his drug use, even when he was a member of the Kauai Island County Council. He pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, assault on a law enforcement officer, tampering with witnesses and other counts.

Prosecutors said Brun, 50, conspired with a gang leader, solicited sexual favors in payment for drugs and assaulted a law enforcement officer.

He was charged along with 11 other people, all of whom pleaded guilty to various charges, prosecutors said.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson sentenced Brun last Thursday. In March, Watson rejected an agreement between Brun and prosecutors for a 15-year sentence.

When Brun was arrested in 2020, he was vice chairman of the council’s public safety and social services committee. His term ended later that year, when he was incarcerated without bail.

In 2019, a Kauai police officer arrested Brun after the then councilman received more than a pound of methamphetamine from a gang leader, prosecutors said. Brun sped off as the officer attempted to remove the keys from the ignition of Brun’s car.

Brun said he threw the drugs out the car window so authorities wouldn’t find them.