NEXUS screening interviews will resume next month – but only in the US

People hoping to speed up their cross-border travel through the NEXUS and FAST programs will be able to book screening interviews starting next month in the United States, the Canada Border Services Agency has confirmed.

Program enrollment centers have been closed for most of the pandemic. The CBSA said it is now working to reopen some facilities in conjunction with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Registration centers in the United States are expected to reopen for interviews in April. The CBSA has not yet specified when Canadian centers will resume interviews.

The NEXUS program allows faster border crossings for pre-approved low-risk travellers. FAST is a similar program offered to commercial vehicle drivers.

The decision to resume talks in the United States comes as the Canadian government further eases border restrictions.

As of April 1, pre-arrival COVID-19 testing will no longer be required for fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada by land, air or sea.

The federal government will continue to randomly test travelers upon arrival in Canada to identify and track variants.

Those already approved for NEXUS and FAST programs are encouraged to renew their membership online before the expiration date to maintain their privileges.